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Comprehensive projects

Our trained, professional representatives can do as much or as little on a project as you require. We can help you at every stage of your overall launch plan, with everything from design help to project management to improving your supply chain.

Certified operations

Some time ago we opted to pursue and obtain our SA8000 certification. In 2015, we achieved our goal and became one of the first companies in our region to focus on auditable practices to develop, maintain, and apply socially acceptable business practices.

High capacity production

Our machines are designed to run efficiently and generate tens of thousands of pieces daily. We have over a hundred machines running in parallel, with everything from IBM and EBM manufacturing lines to dozens of decoration apparatus.

Please fill out this form to request access to the 3D studio.

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Know how

We focus solely on cosmetic component packaging. We have years of experience and know-how in the field. By specializing in one sector, we understand the unique demands and requirements of the beauty market better than most other more general firms.

Great packaging, great prices

We don't skimp on quality on anything we produce. We can, however, suit your project to a specific level of quality to ensure you get the absolute best price for what you need. Our products may be inexpensive but they're never second-rate.

An amazing team

Our primary resource is the valuable expertise each of our team members brings to work daily. We have a fantastic group of professionals at our offices and manufacturing locations, and all of them are willing to put their talents to use on your next project.