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"We design. We produce. We test. We decorate. We deliver. All of our know how is totally dedicated to getting our customers what they need when they need it."


We run a number of parallel IBM and EBM lines for projects and have a production capacity of tens of thousands of pieces daily. We use 8-cavity and 16-cavity moulds, depending on the product to be produced and the time frame within which the project must be delivered. We run spot QA checks on our products as well as end of shift QA checks and apparatus reviews to check calibration. Currently we have:

  • 100 injection machines
  • 2 dedicated special IBM machines
  • 4 dedicated special EBM machines
  • 10 concurrent assembly lines
  • 15 sets of semi-automatic lines


If you're not in the market for a fully bespoke piece of packaging, you can always start with one of our standard items and decorate it to suit your particular brand. We offer the following decoration options:

  • Hot stamping - the dry heat induced transfer of metallic or holographic foils onto a surface
  • Silk screening - colour transfer of designs onto surfaces, including non-standard shapes
  • Metallization - completely covering a plastic piece in a resplendent and metallic sheen
  • Lacquering - different finish coatings for light effects (glossy, matte, gradients, etc)